Public health awareness is Corona’s main antidote

Asiul Islam Jinnah: Firstly, schools and colleges-varsity educational institutions have been declared closed for 15/30 days or indefinitely in more than 33 countries around the world as a strategy to avoid and control the Corona Virus / COVID3 threat. Of these, all types of educational institutions have been declared closed in all regions of the state and in certain areas of the state. Centers of all kinds are campaigning to keep the public safe from the ground and to prevent the elderly from leaving home.

Many countries around the world have completely or partially stopped / restricted tourist visas and aviation for all countries around the world or for certain countries in particular regions. In each country, whether a foreigner or a foreigner returning to their home country is actually scanning them with a machine to detect corona virus. Apart from this, all others are being monitored by sending and leaving the Quantum Center for 15/30 days as per rules. Saudi Arabia has stopped issuing Hajj visas. The UN has declared the Corona virus an epidemic. Our Bangladesh is no exception. So far 3 coronary patients have been found in Bangladesh, their treatment is ongoing and they are all well. Until now, Bangladesh has been protected from the coroner’s bounty in the infinite mercy of God..

But to say that in such an emerging world situation, the opening of schools, colleges and universities in the country is undoubtedly a wrong message and a great misconception. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the risk of getting corona virus among the students by announcing the closure of all types of school-college- varsity educational institutions for the first 15 days and then for the next 15 days if necessary. Older people need to restrict access to the outdoors. Children and young children should be taken out of their homes and avoided at home.

Putting masks on the face of the public, dealing with money / product transactions / buying – selling gloves in the hands of sales personnel and washing hands, face, feet and disinfectant with soap, hexisone, sapnil before leaving or returning from outside. Taken, various places, washed with water. Have to drink lots of water. Regular vitamin C rich foods such as; Eat lemons, oranges, guava, parsley, strawberries, couch, capsicam.
There are enough measures to prevent Corona, it is being done, yet there is no reason to suffer from these thoughts and feelings of being safe enough from the wrath of the nation. Because according to the UN estimates, about one hundred thirty thousand people have been infected with the coronary virus in more than a hundred countries around the world. About 5,000 of them died, 65,000 returned home and the rest were undergoing treatment. Maybe more people will be affected by coronas, suffer, die and last a couple of months in Corona. So in the fight against Corona, we should all start working together until the world and Bangladesh are completely free and safe from the outbreak and terror of the Corona virus.

Second, we have to remember that millions
of people have been infected in Dengue in the last year in the country and more than three centuries have died of dengue fever.
Millions of people have endured extreme hardship and suffering in Chikungunya. About 3,000 people around the world have died while taking selfies.In addition, every year millions of people are suffering and die from road accidents, fire, terrorism, crime, natural disaster victims and various diseases like cancer, AIDS, kidney disease, Liber cirrhosis, blood clots.

Aedes mosquito larvae have been found in many places recently. Therefore, in the near future, again, the spread of Aedes mosquito may be out of control. Therefore, special emphasis should be placed on launching a comprehensive mosquito eradication campaign across the country and preventing people from dengue from spreading Aedes mosquito breeding. So forget about all the problems, dangers, panic, just do not have to worry about the thoughts of one corona virus day and night. Now the people of Bangladesh, like the rest of the world, are shocked, frightened, fearful of the corolla of the unseen death monster virus.

And in this opportunity, the inferior merchants of the country are declaring this helplessness, fear, need of the people as a tool to do business. On the contrary, in many countries, many drug dealers are distributing masks for free in private enterprises, we are seeing, hearing and hearing the news. Their conscience should be awakened. If we work together to create public health awareness during this time of crisis, then the ten sticks will be a burden to one, and ten to work will not be a matter of shame.
Thirdly, the corona virus is a common cold and fever, just like every other disease. The prevalence of this is mainly in colder regions or environments. On the other hand, its prevalence is relatively low in hot main areas or environments. “Now we have a new name for the disease, that is, Covid-1,” Tedros Annam Gabrieus, head of the World Health Organization in Geneva, told reporters. It is an acronym for ‘Coronavirus Disease 20’. Another name for this Covid 20 is the Novel Corona virus.

Earlier, the disease that was heard and spread around the world was also a corona virus. It’s basically seven types. Corona is a new form of the virus. Infectious disorder known as shortness of breath. The human body first causes inflammation in the airways, causing dry cough, shortness of breath and spreading infectious diseases through exhaustion of the patient. It does not matter that someone will die if you do not. Yet it is true that the corona virus has shaken the world. Has been identified as the most influential virus in the history of the world.

If someone is infected with the corona virus, they need to make immediate arrangements for proper treatment by taking him to the hospital rather than being intimidated. So, without expecting coroner incidence, not to suffer unnecessary death panic, it is important to focus on providing health care to others, so as to make others aware of their health. The natural consequences of human birth are illness, disease, death. So there is nothing to worry about, not to be upset about, to be upset about, to be afraid of. Since there is no antidote to it; Therefore, by promoting health awareness in the public, creating public opinion, adopting and implementing certain strategies, it would be wise to take steps to be free and safe from the potential coroner’s vault and cobble.

1/ So instead of storing money in the public treasury to prevent corona, instead of providing free winter clothing to the poor people in winter at the ground level and distributing relief to the people affected by floods / floods, such as masks, hand gloves, datals, hexisons, saponies. To start the delivery of goods.
2/ Under the city corporations, launching a campaign to disperse antibacterial drugs in roads, alleyways, drains, suarez, dusbins, establishments, homes. And for this reason it is essential to take the logistic support of the armed forces. In the concerted efforts of all, this country and nation will be safe, free from the outbreak of the Corona virus and Inshallah will be victorious against the Corona virus.

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